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Mission Statement

HoopSource has a passion for the game of basketball and we are here to meet the needs of every team, coach, player, and fan at all levels.  Make HoopSource your #1 choice for basketball events!

The Beginning & Future

What began as a 26 team high school varsity basketball league, has now blossomed into a nationally recognized grassroots basketball brand promoting the game we love.  HoopSource has organically grown, overseeing 30 plus events throughout the calendar year, with participants (boys & girls) ranging from 7-18 years of age.  HoopSource Grassroots now serves more than 5,000 teams & programs annually within our leagues, tournaments & events.


HoopSource will continue to build into the future through strategic partnerships, collective efforts, and a strong connection with the game of basketball.  We work relentlessly to ensure everyone's experience with the brand is unique.  We have set the bar high and our passion for the game leads to continued innovation & upgraded services.  Future endeavors throughout the country and abroad will help bring more awareness to all basketball enthusiasts within the communities we serve.

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